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We welcome all viewers to the local site for Mask Dance Company, Inc., a cultural and charity organization. This will lead you to our cultural exchange concept. The Mask dancing finds its roots from the knowledge of the spiritual aspect of the mask culture. Mask Dance Company projects a new vision of the Mask for western society by bringing professionals to work with youth and their families.  As you will see through this website, after two(2) decades of a traditional dance group, Mask Dance Company is now an African Arts (African folk dance and music, and  art craft) consultant and presenter. We represent African artists and performers at the time we book them a venue anywhere we find one. That representation goes beyond their stage performance or art exhibit to their public relations.

We are inviting “Mably Inter” from the Ivory Coast to tour the US for our 2015’s cultural programs. Mask Dance Company will give an opportunity to these talented artists to expose their work to a larger audience here in the US and in Europe.  

Read more about “ MABLY  INTER “ >>>

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We’re a family tradition of African Arts, from stage performances, lectures, workshops to wood carving and pottery.

Bley Zaguehi at Chanel 7

Gaston Gueria anthropologist and curator

Since the age of seven, Gueria learned wood carving and pottery from his cousin in his native village Nenadi, in the western part of the Ivory Coast. Gueria became well known for ancient African finishes and sculpture. He is Co-Founder of Global Arts & Music.

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LisArt African textile modelling

LisArts used to be a model when she was attending high school in her native country ( Central Africa). She is specialized in handmade African women accessories, such as African printed earrings , bracelets and shoes.

Lisastar-Hyper image 1 See photos gallery

Learn more>>

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Ketoura New York, Events planner

See photos gallery

We will make your vision became reality and bring an African touch to your event. Mask Dance Company has been working with Ketoura New York to set up its stage or corporate events, more than two decades.     Learn more >>

GUERIA GASTON Welcome to the unique African Arts resource


FANZI MONGUEHI YAHAYA KAMATE Gueria Gaston Curator, Anthropologist and mask carver Fanzi Monguehi Actor, Comedian and African Dance Instructor at NYSC Yahaya Kamate, Dancer, Choreographer and Dance Instructor FANZI MONGUEHI GUERIA GASTON YAHAYA KAMATE Mask Dance Company
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